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Words can be razors and as a political operative, I’ve learned to handle with care.

I come from a political background, where the right words mean the difference between winning or losing. Over here in the shadowy world of politics, we’re used to obsessively testing everything. I mean everything. Want to know exactly what to say to the voter who’s undecided about your candidate? Formulate and test. Rinse and repeat. Messaging is critical. Without it, political discourse is just shooting in the dark.

I’ve learned to take those political lessons and apply them to the business world. Want to sell that prospect on your product? For me, it’s the same as winning a vote for a candidate, and I’ve honed my ability to translate that political energy into business success. I have over 6 years of experience in professional writing, messaging, and strategy. If relentless pursuit of victory for your business sounds like something you want, reach out.

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